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Smart Shelves – Single


Designed specifically for installing on drywall/ wall board, either between or spanning wall studs.
Position shelf where you can’t catch a stud or need to span a stud.
NO drilling, NO molly Inserts, No screws required for installation.

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Product Description

How easy is this to install…

Mark and level position with the template – leveling – piercing tool (included with smart shelf.)

Using a hammer, lightly tap the tool to make a thin “slit” through the wall board.

Lift the shelf into position so that Uni-hooks enter into “slit”.
Push in shelf to wall and tilt down unit.

If you need to remove the unit down the road, just tilt the shelf up and slide out of wall.
Easily eliminate the narrow 1/16″ slit with spackle.

A durable, load-bearing installation is completed – 18″ shelf tested reliable to a 50 lb. load

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12″ x 10″, 18″ x 10″, 24″ x 10″, 36″ x 10″

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