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Become a Frigo Authorized Dealer

Be part of the Frigo family! We’ll make it easy for you! Frigo has all the tools you need to make custom designed and built to order stainless steel or copper kitchens, bathrooms and patios available to all your customers. No showroom, no problem! We have displays that you can take to the customer to show virtually all their metal options.

Ready to get started?

Since all of your products are custom designed and built to order you have no inventory to purchase or stock. Just purchase the Custom Display of your choice and following your first qualifying order at retail price, you are qualified for full authorized dealer discounts.

All Frigo Design countertops, splashes, cabinet doors, etc are built then shipped. That means they require no “on-site” fabrication on your part. Just install and go.

Countertop, splash, tile and appliance panel set displays are available at special “Pass-Thru” dealer costs. You design your own “best-fit” display for your store layout and market potential. “Portable Carry to Customer” displays and display cases are also available.

Portable Display Options

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Use our simple online form to get an initial estimate and we'll contact you for details and more information. Just give us the description of your desired project with as much detail as you can provide and one of our representatives will get back to you with any questions and a quote. No obligation!

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