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Frigo Design designs and builds Stainless Steel and Copper Showers and Shower Bases.
Hygienic and anti-bacterial, Stainless Steel and Copper provide the perfect material choices where they’re needed most.

Every shower enclosure and shower base is made to order – so the fit is perfect every time.
ADA compliant versions are also available.

Custom Shower Enclosures

Today, design elements and trends for bathrooms afford customers the ability to create their own distinctive “get away” area in the home. A place that exudes beauty and sophistication and at the same time functionality.

With Frigo Shower Enclosures the style conscience bath-dweller can have the ultimate in showers…
Stainless Steel or Copper.


Material Options/Specifications

  • Constructed from durable Stainless Steel or Real Copper – Rust Proof, Stain Proof, and Anti-Bacterial.
  • Custom built to virtually any size up to 58″ wide (Copper – 36″).
  • Shower Base features a 4″ threshold with an embossed pitch to drain. Drain can be positioned as required. Drain fixture / screen is included.
  • Shower walls are pre-drilled to affix to existing studs and interlocking to shower base. Silicone sealer is included for waterproof sealing panels. Walls are backed with a sound suppressant/attenuation that assists in maintaining a constant temperature ambiance.
  • Precision cut to accept customer provided faucet and sprayer.