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Please note that the digital color samples shown on this page offer approximations.
Shade variation and surface imperfection is inherent in all metal products.
As each product is custom made, no claims for shade or texture variation or surface imperfection wil be honored.

We encourage you to request a free sample of the patterns and finishes you are interested in.

Non Patterned Metals

#4 Satin Finish – Stainless

Matte Finish
Also in Stainless

Quilted Copper Matte Finish
Also in Stainless or Metallic Finish

Mirrored Stainless

Embossed Patterns

All embossed patterns are available in stainless steel, copper, or stainless steel with a metallic finish.



Tree Bark

Mini Hammered


Metallic Finishes

Antique Silver

Antique Copper

Silver Vein

Bronze Metallic

Bronze Vein


Copper Metallic

Copper Vein


Gun Metal

Hammered Black

Indigo Blue

Iron Glimmer

Ornamental Bronze

Desert Beige


Regal Blue

Rubbed Bronze





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