Custom Backsplashes

Both aesthetic and functional, specialty metal backsplashes are the perfect complement to your stainless steel, copper, granite and solid surface countertops. Protect your walls from water and cooking splatters while making them an attractive reflection of your decor. Not just for kitchens only...Baths, Dens, & Patios too!

Custom Specialty Metal Backsplashes

The marriage of elegance and utility

Frigo Custom Backsplashes can be built exactly to your room's dimensions and are available in Stainless Steel, Copper, or any of our Metallic Finishes. Choose the look you want from our large variety of patterns and finishes - the possible combinations are too numerous to count!

Refer to Patterns & Finishes and choose a metal type, pattern, or color that reflects your own unique style.

Material Options / Specifications

  • Available Materials - 304 Stainless Steel, Real Copper, Metallic Finishes on Stainless All 1/32" thick
  • Precision designed and built to exacting tolerance matching customer provided specifications / dimensions
  • Seamless One Piece Design with the exception of any splash length that exceeds 10ft.

Custom Backsplash Options:

  • Outside Edge Trim: Trim for finishing "open", exposed edges. Available in Stainless and Metallic Finishes Only
  • Substrate mounted on splash with finished edges: Eliminates problems of rough, rolling walls. All "open" edges are finished. No Substrate Visible
  • Non-tarnishing Copper Sealer: Retards tarnishing of copper. Copper will keep its brilliance.Cleaning is Easy, Just Warm Water.
  • Custom Cutouts for Electrical Outlets: Precision cut for electrical outlets. Wall Faucet Sets, etc.
  • Electrical Outlet Covers: Stainless, Copper Alloy, or Metallic Finishes.
  • Super Adhesive: Special O.E.M. High Heat Rating makes a strong, permanent application of splash.

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