Countertops and Island Tops

Frigo Design designs and builds Stainless Steel and Copper Countertops to fit your kitchen. Each countertop is custom built and hand finished to your specifications. Counters are available in your choice of Stainless Steel or Copper. Sinks can be integrated right in with the counter for a one-piece seamless look. Be sure to review all the enhancement options available.

Stainless Steel Material

The marriage of elegance and utility

Stainless Steel is a hard working surface that's as easy to maintain as it is beautiful. Its reflective qualities make it the "universal-neutral", reflecting both natural and artificial light as well as any other color hues in the kitchen. This functional material has a clean and elegant look while affording the homeowner a hygienic, anti-bacterial surface for food preparation. Other Stainless Steel properties such as Easy to Clean, Heat Resistant, and Stain Resistant make it a popular choice in countertops and island tops.  

Material Options / Specifications

Copper Material

The marriage of elegance and utility

Copper is America's Kitchen Tradition. The ageless deep tones of Copper create a warm inviting glow to any kitchen. Copper is a "living" material and will tarnish and change color naturally. Copper provides a hygienic, anti-bacterial surface for food preparation and is Easy to Clean, Heat Resistant, and Stain Resistant. It can be cleaned with specialty cleansers to be restored to its "new penny" original look at any time.

Material Options / Specifications

  •  Architectural Specs - Click Here
  • Available to fit most any kitchen counter, island, or workspace.
  • 48 ounce (1/16") Copper
  • Mounted on 1 1/2" substrate, ready to secure onto cabinets from underneath
  • Use with most any Manufacturer's Sink.
  • Seam-less One Piece Design available for all lengths in "matte" finish. In other finishes, countertops exceeding available sheet length will have a slightly visible seam.
  • A wide variety of enhancement options are available See Enhancement Options.

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